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Amsterdam - 08/04/2014
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam appoints Beatrix Ruf
Kunsthalle Zürich director and chief curator Beatrix Ruf has been appointed director of the Stedeli...
Kiev - 04/04/2014
International Jury of the Future Generation Art Prize
PinchukArtCentre Announced the International Jury for the 3rd Edition of the Future Generation Art ...
Kiev - 17/03/2014
Artists support Ukraine
The international cultural initiative to support Ukraine facing Russian military aggression has been...
London - 14/03/2014
Richard Wilson sculpture to dominate Heathrow's Terminal 2
British sculptor Richard Wilson has been commissioned to create a sculpture for Heathrow Airport, Lo...
Basel - 12/03/2014
Davidoff Art Residency
On February 28 through March 2, 2014, the Davidoff Art Initiative hosted the inaugural Davidoff Art ...

Begins: 06/09/2011
Finish: 31/10/2011

Dublin Contemporary
Begins: 08/09/2011
Finish: 11/09/2011

Berliner Liste
Begins: 08/09/2011
Finish: 10/09/2011


An online biennale?

The first platform of its kind, BiennaleOnline aims to present a curated selection of artists’ work Internet-enabled devices. A modular interface will allow visitors to follow the specially curated paths and quickly sort selections according to artist, medium, region, and other criteria. Users may also define and tag routes themselves, creating personalized maps to share their favorite artists through social media forums.
The first edition of this online biennale, ‘Reflection and imagination,’ will be launched on April 27, 2013 and curated by Jan Hoet. 30 leading curators from around the globe will also be selecting 5 artists from their region, with a minimum of 2 from their own country. Under this premise, a total of 175 emerging artists will presenting an unlimited number of works. The participating curators are Rodrigo Alonso (Argentina), Laurent Busine (Belgium), Lara Boubnova (Bulgaria), Adriano Pedroso (Brazi), Josee Drouin Brisbois (Canada), Gerado Mosquera (Cuba), Rebecca Lamarche Vadel (France), Martin Germann (Germany), Katerina Gregos (Greece), Chang Tsong- zung (Hong Kong), Vincenzo De Bellis (Italy), Ranjit Hoskote (India), Gideon Ofrat (Israel), Javier Hontoria (Spain), Yuko Hasegawa (Japan), Hyunsun Tae (South Korea), Cuauhtémoc Medina (Mexico), Elena Sorokina (Russia), Nataša Petrešin- Bachelez (Slovenia), Lorenzo Benedetti (Netherlands), Joanna Mytkowska (Poland), Daniel Birnbaum (Sweden), Giovanni Carmine (Switzerland), Fulya Erdemci (Turkey), Catherine David (UAE), Hans Ulrich Obrist (UK), Nancy Spector (USA East), Jens Hoffmann (USA West).
BiennaleOnline is hosted and organized by Art + an online initiative founded by David Dehaeck and Nathalie Haveman. The organization is expecting more than a million visitors in the first 200 days and the participating emerging artists will receive 30% of ticket sales.


BiennaleOnline’s curator, Jan Hoet.

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